Baek Du Jang is a student at Goo Ra High. He is a lackey of Hye Shin Kim and Kim Han Gyul. He was once third at a boxing champion.


Baek Du Jung is heavy set in terms of physical weight. He has a rounded face with pink rosy cheeks. His eyes are always squinted. He has a up-pointed nose that looks almost pig like. His eyebrows are thin and black in appearance and are arced. He has black spiky hair that is longer on the crown of his head compared to the sides of his head. In terms of his outfit he is seen wearing the standard Goo Ra High uniform of black blazer, tie and pants with a white dress shirt.


Very little is shown of his personality. He is shown to be arrogant and rude, seeing his school and abilities as being one of the best and insults those at Wild's High.