Girls of the Wild's 20
Chapter Info
Chapter: 20
Korean Title: 소녀 the 와일즈 20
Romanized Title: Girls the wilds 20
Total Pages: 5
Year Released: December, 27 2011
Chapter Chronology
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Chapter 20 is the twentieth chapter of the Girl the Wild's series.


Jaegu is walking to his job from school with Daldal and Moonyoung following closely behind. They eventually follow and watch him at his job, the carwash. Meanwhile, Queen, as well is following them. So is her driver who tells her to go home. After Jaegu is done with his recent carwash, Queens' limo comes up for a carwash. Queen attempts to cover up by asking Mr. Park why they keep 'insisting' on coming to the carwash. She rolls down the window and pretends as if she was just driving by.

At Jaegu's home, Queen is offered tea, but instead of taking the rusty cup, she takes a canner full of tea and pours it inside of a pink cup. Jaegu is then asked who 'beat him up like that.' Jaesom begins to tell them about the bullies until her twin says he's a man and shouldn't be said for their brother. Moonyoung is asked ot stand up as Daldal decides to train / show Jaegu an act of mixed martial arts of defense. She uses Moonyoung as a doll on how you should defend, and attack.

Moonyoung then yells at Daldal asking her how he could master a hard move such as that. Moonyoung then shows Jaegu a defense using punches as Moonyoung begins to punch Daldal. As she complains it hurts. Moonyoung then asks Queen what she'd do, she then says she'd throw a high kick at the temple and if it'd work, they'll pass out. Queen, Daldal, and Moonyoung then leave for their homes as Daldal kisses Jaegu's cheek as Moonyoung and Queen get worked up and fustrated.