Girls of the Wild's 24
Chapter Info
Chapter: 24
Korean Title: 소녀 the 와일즈 24
Romanized Title: Girls the wilds 24
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: February, 1 2012
Chapter Chronology
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Chapter 24 is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Girl the Wild's series.


While Jaegu is going to work, Seul travels behind as Kim and his gang corner him and continue to bully him, Seul sticks up with Jaegu by kicking Kim, Kim get's up and continues his bullying, Seul tries to consult him into not bullying Jaegu by calling them cowards. Kim offers Seul a brawl, she then agrees bringing out two swords while Kim takes a nearby brick. Kim gives up and walks away.

At Jaegu's house, Daldal has come to cook for Jaegu and his younger siblings to find Moonyoung, eating chicken wings while on the bed with his brother and begins to cook. Back at the carwash, Jaegu is currently washing a car while Seul is nearby. He thanks her, but tells her she doesn't have to stay in fear of her being beaten up by Kim and his gang. He then begins to beat himself up over what happened with Kim's gang and Kim, himself.

Jaegu then says without Jaesom and Jaehyeong, he has no real meaning to live. Seul hugs him and tells him he's strong enough. Back at Jaegu's house, they're all currently feasting on Daldal's meal. Moonyoung insults Daldal's cooking but after tasting it then wants more but she snatches the food pot out of her hands, telling her that it's for when Jaegu comes home. The chapter ends with Kim and his gang going to Jaegu's house, where Daldal, Moonyoung, Jaesom, Jaehyeong currently reside.