Girls of the Wild's 6
Girls of the Wild's chapter 6 cover
Chapter Info
Chapter: 6
Korean Title: 소녀 the 와일즈 6
Romanized Title: Girls the wilds 6
Total Pages: 5
Year Released: November, 8 2011
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Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the Girl the Wild's series.


The chapter opens up with Jae Gu Song and Lee Moon Young talking. Jae Gu requests she return the check given to him by Queen, but Moon Young tells him that he should just keep it since Queen would never take it back and that it would probably result in him getting slapped in the face again if he tried. Before Jae Gu can respond however, she tells him to do it himself since she does not want be involved, and that Queen would be late so he would have to do it later. She continues saying that Queen has much going on, and that she wants to prevent him from being told off again. After, she once again tries to persuade Jae Gu into joining the boxing club, saying that it is compulsory for everyone to have an extra-curricular activity--to which he responds he has not had any experience in sports and that he would think about it. Seemingly satisfied with his answer, she gives him a thumbs up and tells him that if he needs help, he can always go to her.

But in reality, she is furious and deems Jae Gu a tough opponent. Lee Moon Young's plan is then revealed in which she would bring him to the boxing club, become more friendly while teaching him boxing, establish that she is the most trustworthy upperclassmen in the school, and then earn full points in the "maiden-like" category. She had failed step one, and was upset due to the fact that she could of had a boyfriend before Queen too if she had succeeded.

The scene switches to Jae Gu questioning where he should change into his gym clothing, as the female students around him strip. As he begins to freak out, two girls near him realize that the school was now co-ed. They all step out, and give him five minutes. As he changes, however, he freaks out when he notices the girls watching him change through the window.