Charles Wilds' is the Board President of Wild's High and the man who recruited Jae Gu Song into the school with the promise of a three year scholarship as long as he attended Wild's High. He is also the person who decided that the school be changed from an all girl school to a co-ed school after an incident with a graduate made him aware that the girls at Wild's High are strong but do not have feminine qualities.


Charles is portrayed as a muscular middle aged man, of a great height with shoulder length blonde hair that has two parts in the front which are shorter and frame his lined face. He has thick blonde eyebrows, bright blue eyes with identifiable eye lashes consisting of two on the top of the eyes and four on the bottom parts of the eyes, with a sharp hook like nose. The lower part of his face consists with a beard that is trimmed with two large jagged edges close to his cheekbones and four smaller jagged pieces around the chin area. His outfit consists of a white collared shirt, a navy blue tie, a navy blue sleeveless jacket, matching pants and a pair of black shiny boots.


From what is shown of Charles Wild's he is an emotional man who is invested in the development of his female students. Wanting them to be equally feminine and strong, allowing the girls of Wild's High to lose the reputation of being fighting cold hearted machines. He is also shown to be understanding of the needs of his students as he understands that Jae Gu will require his own changing room until the male changing room is finally built. He has the ability to joke about matters, he jokes that Jae Gu would never dare to enter a female bathroom unware that Jae Gu has indeed done so. He shows a great amount of pride in his students and overall wishes the best for their development into becoming young fighting women.