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Welcome to the Girls of the Wild's Wiki! We are currently editing articles and images and you can help! Be Warned that this wiki is Filled with SPOILERS about the Girls of the Wild's series. This is your only warning, read at your own risk!


 An online manhwa written by HUN / ZHENA , the story revolves around an unfortunate young high-school student Song Jae Gu. Jae Gu's father had died of an unknown disease when he was young, which caused his mother abandon Jae Gu and his two younger siblings. His mother's decision greatly scarred him, causing him to be diagnosed as both a misogynist  (hatred of women) and gynophobist (fear of women). While struggling to take care of his two younger siblings, he got some uncharacteristic good fortune when he was granted a full scholarship for three years based solely on attendance to the nearby high school known as "Wild's High-School". Wild's High has a history of 42 years as a fighting specialist all girls private school meant solely for the elite which. Wild's High famous for producing female mixed martial artists and is moving to Co-Ed in an attempt, by the Chairman(Charles Wilds), to help teach his female students a "maiden-like side" to go along with their Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) dominance. After joining, Jae Gu discovered that he is the first and only male student in what was previously an all girls school. Wild's High is also famous for hosting Wild's league, the most popular event in the country, the only place in the world where teenage girls have brutal fights with their lives.The story follows Jae Gu 's struggle, from being the only male in school full of beautiful and deadly women learning to fight and stand up for himself.


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