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Jae Gu Song
Song Jae Gu
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 179 cm (5'10 ft)
Weight 67kg (148 lbs)
Occupation Student
School Wild's High
School Club None
Year 1st
Fighting Style N/A
Rank N/A
Debut Chapter 1


Jae Gu Song is the main protagonist of the series. He is a first year and the first male student to be enrolled into the former girls-only Wild's High after it was made into a co-ed institution. He is currently not ranked and uses no materials, but is being taught boxing.


 Fair-skinned and thin, Jae Gu is not much to look at first when the story begins due to his timid looks. However, as the comic progresses, his better features are brought out in due part to the training he undergoes with Moon Young Lee .

Jae Gu is described to have brown hair, mixed with a bit of pink tint, and gray eyes. Despite being the tallest character amongst the main female cast, Jae Gu is often portrayed as being smaller because he tends to slouch or raise his shoulders defensively, but some of this bad posture is remedied when he regains his confidence after beating back one of his old bullies in the Wild's competition. He even remarks "Were you always this small?" when he finally rises to his full height proudly afterwards, and it is noted that his ex-bully, Han Gyul, is indeed shorter in height.

One of the more apparent traits that's come about is that Jae Gu is in fact very handsome. Most likely caused by the lack of confidence brought about by bullying, Jae Gu never seems to notice until most of the school's populace is staring at him, and even then misunderstands the situation. After his training, Jae Gu becomes more lean and built as opposed to scrawny, and gains even more appeal.


Jae Gu has more to him than just being shy; he has to take care of his two younger siblings, Jae Som Song and Jae Hyung Song, while attending school and working part-time as a car washer for a living. His father died of an unknown disease when Jae Gu was little and his mother abandoned her children shortly after the event. His mother's decision greatly scarred him, causing him to be diagnosed as both a misogynist (hatred of women) and gynophobist (fear of women).

As a result, Jae Gu had to grow up early and take responsibility to replace his mother, and now barely sleeps more than five hours a night. He also grew protective of, and dependent on his siblings, to the point where he himself admits to Go Seul Lee that if not for them, he would have committed suicide. He has also been bullied a lot during middle school, notably by Han Gyul Kim. All those circumstances can cause him to go berserk whenever his siblings or himself are hurt.

He at first couldn't stand being bossed around by Queen, calling her a monster, nor by Dal Dal Choi or Moon Young Lee -- though she wasn't as pushy as the other two. However, he gradually warmed up to them, and is currently learning to box by the teachings of Moon Young. As of Chapter 36, he manages to have casual conversations with them, but whether he is interested in any of them or not is currently unknown.

However, when in battle, he possessed a fatal flaw as seen in Chapter 36. He was unwilling to hit anyone until a confrontation with Han Gyul, when something within him changed and allowed him to truly fight. After beating Han Gyul in the preliminaries in Chapter 53, he truly stands up to him after the match and causes Han Gyul to flee out of fear.

In Chapter 52, Jae Gu reveals through thought that whenever he is hurt or struggling, he thinks of his father.

In Chapter 68, before his next round sparring with Kim Ho-Pae, he says he would like to have a fair fight and wishes him good luck. 


In Chapter 51, before the twin's birth and his death, it is revealed Jae Gu's father would bring him fishing when he was a child and his father would buy him ice cream without his mother knowing. They would talk about his future, and soon enough, his father contracted the disease sometime after the twin's birth. In Chapter 52, it is revealed Jae Gu's father told him that a man has to set a goal and have a dream. 

It is revealed that Jae Gu's father died of an unknown disease when he was little, which caused his mother to lose hope and abandon her children. One day, Jae Gu found a letter addressed to him while his younger siblings were asleep which was written by the mother before she left, which caused him to burst into tears and become filled with sorrow. He then felt the responsibility to care for his younger siblings, and took up a job at a car wash to provide money to support them. He also came to the conclusion that "women are monsters".

Before being provided a scholarship and enrolling in Wild's High, he attended a middle school with Han Gyul Kim, who constantly bullied him.


He may not look like it, but physically speaking he is quite fit thanks to his part-time job. In Chapter 30, Mi Nam Li remarked that Jae Gu's stance and eyes were good. According to Moon Young Lee in Chapter 36, Jae Gu is a fast learner at boxing and possesses great stamina, allowing him to go through six rounds of sparring right from the beginning of his training for the Wild's Tournament preliminaries. He is also able to take a hit quite well since he has been bullied as seen in Chapter 35. However, he possesses a fatal flaw as seen in Chapter 36, being that he is unwilling to hit anyone. He consequently is unable to put his weight behind his punches, which is fatal in a violent tournament such as the Wild's one.

However, in his fight with Han Gyul Kim from Chapter 50 to Chapter 53, he displays impressive in-fighter boxing skills he learned from Moon Young Lee . Along with boxing, it is shown he was able to perform a move suggested by Queen without practice beforehand. 

In Chapter 65, before his "sparring" match with Kim Ho-Pae, he questions his skills. Moon Young Lee then responds with a swift punch that stops right in front of his face, she then comments that he did not flinch or back away or blink in any way. In Chapters 65-68, it is shown he has impressive boxing skills once again that improved even more after his very first fight with Han Gyul Kim .  


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