Jun Soo Min is the medical doctor that is on-call during the Wild's League. She is also a former student of Wild's High. A running gag in regards to her is that she is normally calm and friendly but when pushed by someone she becomes violent and attacks the person who caused her harm.


Soo Min has long, wavy brown hair that ends below her shoulder blades with two parts around her face shorter giving a frame of her face. Her fringe parts towards the left and covers her left eyebrow. She wears a white lab coat at all times with a white dress shirt, black tie,black mini skirt with black high heel shoes.


Soo Min is quick to anger when her patients disobey her orders or remove the bandages she puts on them. She is quick to react in a violent manner when anyone hits her or causes her physical harm. She is shown to be supportive of the students of Wild's High, supporting Moon Young Lee as she fights off Kim Ho Pae's gang. However when approached by Lee Pal Bong she puts on an innocent front acting defenseless and calm.


Soo Min was a member of the fifth graduating class of Wild's High. She won four global competitions in Hapkido. She entered medical school while taking care of the broken bones of her opponents.