Hyung-nim is a third year student from Yushin High and is the next in line to inherit the the Hinari mafia from his brother. He known for his fearsome nature and vicious fighting style. He is also a participant of the Wild's League defeating both Park Jung Hyun and Kim Seul Ki, both who are renown for their fighting abilities.


His hair is sandy brown in color and short around the ears and the back of his head. He wears a white dress shirt with the top shirt button open, black pants with black dress shoes. His eyes are grey in color, his eyebrows are thick and furrowed in a manner that makes him appear angry.


Ho-Pae is a decidedly ruthless and angry man who goes to any extent to eliminate anyone or thing that stands before him. He is shown to be violent and brutal in regards to fighting and revenge often seeing violence as an end all to, to all problems that arise. It is later learned that his behavior stems from his brother's beliefs of fighting and the need to impress him. He is shown to have a soft side towards small animals especially Hye Shin Kim's dog, even complementing the dog when it bites him in an attempt to defend his owners. He is sympathetic towards others and will help those he feel need his help, though will deny if asked about his softer side.


As a child he was raised by his brother and the mafia members who served him. He was bullied as a child and witnessed his brother beating them up for him on a daily basis. As his brother grew up, he admire him and wanted to impress him by eliminating those who were weak or beneath his family's line of sight. Wanting to defeat Wild High students who defeated members of his brother's clan. His understanding of fighting stems from his brother's belief that fighting is about destroying ones opponent.