Kim Seul Ki is a participate of the Wild's League who specializes Muay Thai. She is Kim Ho Poe second opponent.


Kim Seul Ki is a tall, dark skinned girl with bright brown hair. Her hair is shoulder length and her hair covers her eyes. Her eyes are brown in color and only appear through the gaps of her fringe when fighting. She wears a yellow and blue braided headband with a yellow sleeveless top, yellow shorts with a white belt, yellow footwear and matching yellow gloves.


Seul Ki enters the ring after Park Jung Hyun is defeated by Kim Ho Poe. She informs him of her views on his previous fight branding his style as messy and unruly before beginning her fight with a kick. He attempts to counter her moves but is caught in a dangerous headlock where she connects a kick to his head. However he is able to connect a few punches to her side staggering her, leaving her open for him to grab her and hit her head against his knee leaving her unconscious and unable to fight.