Lee Bo Ra is a member of the Taekwondo club and a participant of the Wild's League. She is trained by Dal Dal Choi and often voices her concerns over Dal Dal's training and well being to Jae Gu Song.


Lee Bo Ra has a rich purple hair color that is kept well trimmed and short with a side fringe that parts to her left. She has small black colored eyes, a small mouth and nose. She has a round face and a lean muscular build. She is always seen since her debut in the traditional Taekwondo uniform that is tied with a black belt. She is only seen when fighting wearing red boxing gloves or on occasion protective armor that is often red or blue.


She is first seen supporting Jae Gu in his fake entrance match against Dal Dal and observes Dal Dal when she is about to fight Lee Go Seul. She is then seen training in the Taekwondo club alongside Dal Dal and other members of the club. She participates in the Wild's League against Go Seul and puts up a fight against the talented Wushu user, however she loses the match against her. Later when Jae Gu is trying to get Dal Dal to train he asks for her schedule which Bo Ra gives to him while offering him advice on how to motivate Dal Dal to train. Her advice proves effective and Jae Gu learns of Dal Dal's true talents at Taekwondo because of it. Over time she begins to notice that Dal Dal is losing motivation in Taekwondo and has transferred her previous spent time towards cooking. Wanting Dal Dal to focus on Taekwondo she and her companions ask for Jae Gu to flirt and convince Dal Dal to return to Taekwondo, telling him that if he pretends that he prefers her fighting over her cooking she will return to her sport. This plan works and Dal Dal returns to Taekwondo while using her spar time to cook, balancing her sport and hobby to impress Jae Gu.

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