Lee Moon Gwang is the father of Lee Moon Young and owner of the Moon Gym. He is a former welterweight champion for Asia, and coaches Moon Young's training outside of her school hours. He is forty three years old and separated from Moon Young's mother.


Gwang is a middle age man who is overweight. He has dark skin, and wrinkle lines on his forehead and around his eyes. His hair is black and pink in color and styled with three spikes on the crown of his head and the rest being kept short. He has a light mustache that is black in color. He is seen wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, black shoes and a brown long tailed jacket.


Gwang is a man who loves his daughter very much, though he often fails to show it in a traditional manner. He wants the best for his daughter, though his comments can be construed as insults when he is telling her to lose weight or increase her skills. He aids his daughters boxing skills with an occasional match. He is shown to be friendly and accepting of others as he has no issue with Dal Dal Choi or Queen being in his house. He even considers Queen a daughter after she brings over a large amount of food for him and Moon Young to eat.

He still loves his ex-wife even though she left for her own career in boxing, not becoming bitter about being left to raise Moon Young and run a business on his own.