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Lee Moon Young
Moon Young Lee
Gender Female
Hair Color Light orange
Height 177 cm
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Occupation Student
Debut Chapter 1
School Wild's High
School Club Boxing Club
Year 2nd
Fighting Style Boxing
Rank S-Class

Lee Moon Young is an S-Class Wild's High School second-year student, where she is the president of the boxing club, Wild's Class 2-A Women's Boxing Welterweight Champion, and Queen's best friend and confidante. She has a strong rivalry with Choi Dal Dal over martial arts and the attention of the series protagonist, Song Jae Gu.



Moon Young with her hair down.

Moon Young Lee is often seen wearing a red tracksuit with her hair tied-up in a loose, messy bun at the top of her head. When fighting, she often only wears a tank top and shorts.

After having her S-Class rank temporarily revoked, she decides to focus on her studies and wear a normal school uniform. When Jae Gu notes that she looks strange in it, she pulls down her bun, revealing her long, wavy hair.


She is loud, rambunctious, and outgoing, as opposed to the reserved personality that Queen shows. She has also shown to be very inattentive when it comes to something unworthy of her effort, as shown when presenting herself to a freshmen class. 

She is also often mocked by Choi DalDal calling her a 'pig' regarding her weight of 59kg. She hates being called a pig, especially when her opponent calls her a pig, it turns her extremely aggressive and becomes so violent towards the opponent and strikes them to their death.

She is also extremely determined when it comes to fighting. She had dropped an entire weight class--which she has a hard time maintaining--simply to become faster to keep up with Queen's pace. Her determination is also shown when despite the temporary removable of her S-Class rank and her privilege from using the school's gym, she continued to train at her father's gym. Her personality drastically changes above all else when in the ring. She becomes a very powerful and frightening opponent, well-deserving of being Queen's best friend.


She is first introduced in Chapter 1, where she raced the Queen's car 13 kilometers to school on a bicycle. It was because she accidentally bumped into Jae Gu with her bike on the first day of school that caused the initial bad tension between Jae Gu and Queen.

Eventually, Moon Young trains Jae Gu how to box in preparation for the preliminaries, and acts as his primary coach.

It was also revealed that her divorced parents were both boxers that had once met on a boxing match.


Moon Young is the S-rank leader of the Boxing club at Wild's High, and is the series's third best fighter, so far. She had lost weight a year prior the series, dropping an entire weight class, in order to become faster. When confronted by delinquents in front of her gym, two members tried desperately to stop them from continuing to provoke her--only exaggerating her ferociousness in a fight. In terms of strength, she has enough to push someone onto the ground effortlessly, which she has shown when intimidating a deliquent. She is extremely talented in boxing as remarked by her former coach, Jung Hyun Park.

In terms of coaching, she has shown to be a good coach--as shown when Jae Gu planned to face his former bully, Kim Han Gyul. She has a good eye for the qualities of an individual fighter, as shown when she noticed Jae Gu's impressive stamina and fear to hit back. She has recently accepted to train another, Choi Kang Rok, with the assistance of Jae Gu.


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