Lee Ina is shown to be taller than the average woman with a slender body. With straight blonde hair with a side parting to her bangs, her sharp features are frame gorgeously. She has piercing eyes and lips that are more often than not, set in a straight line or a frown. She's typically seen with a cold expression.


Lee Ina doesn't talk much and is quite indifferent for the most part. She's straight to the point and responds in a way that lacks emotion. She is calculative with her responses as to diffuse a situation, but she is not afraid of talking someone down into submission through her intimidating aura.

Those who disobey the rules of the Wild's will be handled harshly and will have an even harsher treatment if they talk back to her. Especially when it's a student who knows the rules. She will follow the rules to the letter and will not hesitate when it comes to dealing with those who do not follow them.


Little is known about her past other than the fact that she'd graduated from Wild's High School four years before current time as one of the top students. Thus, she was chosen to become one of Wild's Guard.

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The Wild's Guard

The Wild's Guards are alumni of Wild's High, all S-rank and are the top 0.3% of graduates. They earn high paychecks and are exempt from the country when taking down hostiles. Within the school they stop fights, referee and judge matches. Outside of the school, the work as national VIP guards, instructors for guard institutes, and are the top of the world in their fields.

There have never been more than 3 people admitted to the Wild's Guard per year. They are well known for their smarts, grace, power, and pride.


Wild's School guard and former undefeated champ 35 wins with 32 KO's.

She's able to shut down a person's nerves by simply placing a hand on their shoulder. It is assumed she does so by pressing a vital pressure point.


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