Lee Pal Bong is the current principal of Wild's High. He was a former Asian Pro-Boxing Champion for five years between 1978-1983 and was nicknamed Bulgyo's Little Boy after his home town and small stature. He is very protective of "Wild's Daughters" and during a fight he changes to his dark side punches someone and immediately turns back to his nice guy side saying "Oh No! What have I done!"


Lee Pal Bong is an elderly man of a small stature, being smaller than most of his female students. He has small amounts of grey hair along his ears and the back of his head. The top of his head is bald except for a single cowlick strand that is curled on the top of his head. He has brown small eyes which are often kept shut unless angered, small dark eyebrows and wrinkle lines around his mouth. He is only seen in his dark gray suit which consists of a black blazer, and pants. He wears a white dress shirt and pale orange tie with a pair of black dress shoes.