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Li Mi Nam
Li Mi Nam
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Blue
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Occupation Student
Debut Chapter 13
School Goo Ra High
School Club Boxing Club
Year 1st
Fighting Style Boxing
Rank N/A

 Li Mi Nam is a first year student at Goo Ra High where he is training for Wild's League. 


Li Mi Nam is tall and lean. He is usually seen wearing his Goo Ra uniform with a beanie.. He also wears a small peice of sports tape across the bridge of his nose at all times. When he fights, Mi Nam often removes his shirt and dons a pair of track pants. He has a very athletic build and boasts a muscular physique, something Choi Dal Dal later calls "the perfect boxing body".



Li Mi Nam has very strong morals, especially when it comes to fighting and friends. He is very loyal and trusting of his friends, sometimes overly so such as with Kim Han Gyul. He is very dedicated to fighting and respects all of the rules and regualtions associated with it. This can be seen when he forfits his fight in the preliminary rounds of the Wild's Leauge against Song Jae Gu because he broke the rules earlier when fighting Hwang Jae Oh (however this could also be because he wanted Jae Gu to continue to the next round).


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