Wild's High School


After 42 years of being a female only school specialising in martials arts; The Wild's High School has recently become a co-ed school consisting of one male (Song Jae Gu). The school, is renown for creating champions and student know all over the world.

The school has 412 girl students and one boy. This school has been awarded with "Citizens display of bravery" 74 times, and has also been awards 14 commendations from the Commisioner General, 11 commendations from the Ministry of Defense and 8 presidential awards from the President.

His President is Charles Wilds and he thinks his girls are great. Girls studying in this High School have world-class combat skills. Hoever, he thinks there is one thing they're missing. The ideology of this school is "a perfect and strong woman" but teachers have neglected them. He assumes their duty to teach our girls at Wild's the joy of girlhood.

Wild's League

There is a specially prepared ring at Wild's High School. It's just not a psyshical training facility, but a ring for a real ultimate fighting championship held twice a year. The Wild's League is very popular among people. Most cable channels broadcast the match live with steep viewer ratings every season. Also, it can be watched around the world through the webcast. So, players in the Wild's League become somewhat celebrities.

The Wild's League is the only place in the world where teenage girls battle against each other to their limits.